Our Product – The Tesla Water Hydroxyl Reactor

Tesla Water equipment is an electronic device that alters some of the water molecules, as they pass over the specially designed electrodes
to form Hydroxyl Radicals from the water being treated. In addition, the Tesla Water system employs ultrasonic vibrations which dramatically enhances the effects of the chemical reactions that are responsible for sterilization and improvement within the reaction cell

How it works:

Power is supplied from the ECA generator to the electrodes (different electrodes are used for different applications). The power is in the form of a high frequency, high current pulse. This causes the following to occur at the electrode plates

  • Electrolysis – Chemical Decomposition
  • Ultrasonic pressure wave
  • Dipole orientation/reversal

These three mechanisms cause hydroxyl radicals to be formed when an aqueous solution is passed between the electrode plates. This causes the particle surface charge to change as we alter the electric double layer minimizing the Zeta-potential to the point where coagulations of particles occur very fast, forming very stable and robust colloids that precipitate out solution with ease. This allows for a broad range of treatment parameters, and eliminates costly and environmentally hazardous chemical processing.