Cooling Tower Test


Certified Lab Testing for: Ph, Conductivity (mS/m), Alkalinity (Total or M) as CaCO3 (end Point pH 4.5), Ammonia Nitrogen (mg/L N), Calcium Hardness  (mg/L) (Ca Analysis required additionally), Total Hardness (mg/L) (Ca and Mg analysis required additionally), Chloride (mg/L Cl), Chlorine – free  (mg/L Cl2), Sulphate (mg/L SO4) (Req Vol 350ml), Total dissolved solids (TDS) (mg/L) (Gravimetric) (Req Vol 100ml), Water – ICP-OES ( re-calibration included) – 5 element, Ca, Mg, Fe, Cu, SiO2, Chemical oxygen demand (COD) (mg/L O2), Ryzna (calculation), Alkalinity (Bicarbonate) (mg/L CaCO3 or HCO3) (Total Alk required additionally)

Price includes return shipping.

If sample shows presence of harmful bacteria, customer will be notified within 4-hours of test completion (by email).

Turn-Around-Time is 5-7 business days for lab report to be emailed. Business days do not include time in transit of water sample to our lab nor weekends nor holidays.


NOTE: For best results, your sample should be received by our Johannesburg or Cape Town lab within 24-hours of the time and date that you collected it or your bacteria test may be considered “Failed QC”. We do not accept samples on holidays or weekends.


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