PoolSense Smart Pool Water Analyzer V2.0 – INLINE (works with free PoolSense app)


Keep your pool blue, balanced, and healthy the hassle-free way.

PoolSense sends daily recommendations to your smartphone with helpful indications of chlorine and acid levels. Helping you keep your pool blue and crystal clear. You can confidently enjoy your pool with your family knowing your water is pleasant, balanced, and safe.

PoolSense is a smart pool monitor that works with an app. PoolSense eliminates the time and effort spent fixing what’s wrong with your pool water. Accurate sensors, in the PoolSense smart pool monitor, send data to a cloud server in timed intervals. Your app sends you intelligent alerts on what chemicals are needed.

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Fast and Easy
Very simple installation. Just drill a hole in the designated pipe, attach the saddle to the pipe (included) and screw the probe into the saddle. Then activate the device and you’re good to go.

Discreet and out-of-sight
The new Inline form factor allows for installation into your filter pump system.

Access anywhere
Low power WAN technology has coverage virtually anywhere. Keep an eye on your pool from all over the world.

An easy to use App
Get simple daily alerts only when necessary.

Hard-wearing plastic composite to withstand harsh conditions.

Partner network
Accredited professionals at your fingertips to assist with any additional services you may require.

Key Features:

  • Measures pH, ORP (Chlorine) and Temperature
  • Monitors your pool water 24/7
  • Uses the dedicated, always-on Sigfox network to send data – no other connection required
  • Ultra-long battery life guarantee – needs no recharging**
  • Your purchase includes the 1st Year of Sigfox network data connectivity. Thereafter, a fee of R355.00 per year is payable at the start of Year 2 (calculated from date of 1st activiation).

**PoolSense uses scientific probes to measure the pH and the ORP of your pool. These probes have a limited lifespan, as does the battery. The new V2.0 design is modular, so individual parts can be replaced at end-of life. This means that your product has an expected 2-year lifespan before you need to replace its parts.**

What’s in the box:

1 x PoolSense Smart Water Monitor Inline with 2m cable attached
1 x Magnet for activation and reset
2 x pH Buffer liquids (in case recalibration is ever needed)
1 x pipe saddle adapter
1 x probe adapter to fit the saddle piece
1 x mountning bracket

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 23 cm


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