Water Quality Management Services


Keeping water systems safe and secure is a national priority. It’s also a more complex and difficult job than ever before. Aging infrastructure complicates the prevention of waterborne disease, while outmoded analysers make detection of serious contamination difficult. Water distribution systems get larger, but staff and budgets shrink. With so much at stake, you can’t afford to take chances.  

You need a partner that can deliver the best in knowledge and systems, and do it quickly, thoroughly and cost-effectively.

Tesla Water Solutions has developed a Water Quality Management System that takes a systematic and consistent approach to managing the whole supply chain from source to consumer. It’s based on the values, principles and systems recommended by the World Health Organization drinking water guidelines.

Management are ready to put their 60-plus years of experience to work for you. We’ll evaluate your situation and deliver an optimal, real world, customised solution for your specific requirements, utilising world-class IOT Platforms and IOT Sensors. 

Tesla Water Process Management will configure a water monitoring system to meet your particular system and regulatory requirements.

The system consists of actions under 12 elements of water quality management:

Water Safety plan & Incident protocol

Implementation of the Water Safety plan, Defining the roles and responsibilities of the Treatment plant provider, Client and WQM service provider (us) and how to implement the incident protocol outlined in the water safety plan should a situation arise

Annual water quality risk analysis (Determines the “level” of monitoring required as stipulated in the SANS 241-2 ie what parameters need to be measured and how often)

Cloud based continuous water quality monitoring panel (This is a panel installed on site with probes that continuously monitor pH, EC (TDS), ORP (oxidation reduction potential) , Temperature and DO (dissolved oxygen) This is live tracked and logged onto a dashboard that the client can log into. This panel can also be interlocked with the treatment plant to switch off, if and when a certain parameter threshold is exceeded (for ex high TDS) Remote on/off via sms can also be included.

Cloud based water meter readings and tank levels can be include in the above

Replace your manual temperature readings with the latest technology.

Using our single innovative platform you can remove all your communication dependencies and the messy rat’s nest of email, calls, texts, wikis, and apps you currently have.