Remote Monitoring

Tired of checking each of your sites manually? Why not do it remotely with real-time readings from our WaterIQ Ecosystem?

Remote Monitoring

Tesla Water Solutions are pioneers in the industrial IoT marketplace. Our WaterIQ platform provides easy to read graphics with a complete digital version of your water hygiene. This together with our early warning AlertIQ is the perfect user management tool that allows you to manage and track instantaneous asset status from anywhere at any time. We make sure that all your historical data is stored on a secure server that can be accessed at any time.

WaterIQ is real time measurement solution for more than just water quality and typically includes water storage levels, flows, pressure, pump or equipment status, water and power meter data and much more.  These systems are very simple to deploy and interoperable and bring immediate benefits such as reduced costs of field trips, improved process performance and enrichment of service offerings.

We’ll evaluate your situation and deliver an optimal, real world, customised solution for your specific requirements, utilising our world-class IOT Platform and Sensors. We can also do custom multi-parameter that measure pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Disinfection Residuals (Chlorine & Ozone), Temperature and Turbidity — all in a simple-to-use “plug and plumb” package.

Features & Benefits

Keep everything in one place and feel at peace and organized rather than scattered.
Keep track of what's happening in your company from a centralized dashboard.
Get notified everytime one of your outlets is not compliant.
Control who has access to which projects and data through our control panel.
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Text & E-mail Alerts

Alerts directly to your phone when you surpass thresholds that indicate a water leak

Web/Smartphone Controlled

Controlled over the web and with a smartphone to easily view alerts and quickly make system adjustments

Remote & Automatic Water Shut Off

Remote and automatic water shut off protects your home from significant leak damage

Access to Water Use Data

Review real time and historical water data to easily diagnose leaks and save hundreds on your water bill

Battery back-up for power outages!

Use the battery and local processing to protect your home when it's most vulnerable - during a power outage

Temperature Monitoring & Alerts

Protect from temperatures that could lead to a burst pipe with temperature text/e-mail alerts

Easy Installation

Installation by plumber typically takes one hour or less; non-invasive units are easily installed generally in 15 mins or less

User Configurable

All settings and thresholds are easily adjustable over the web enabling you to simply stay protected